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Crazy Wisdom

Jan 30, 2023

Trent Gillham

Founder of Holium

~lomder-librun on Urbit

  1. What does it mean to reject and transcend triviality?
  2. What do you know about machine learning given your experience in 2018?
  3. What was it like to work at a big company like GE? What have you learned about starting a startup?
  4. What is...

Jan 23, 2023

A full-stack web developer, speaker and adviser to a small number of blockchain startups

On urbit: ~locruc-fonmec

  1. What are the foundations of privacy?
  2. What is the next big thing?
  3. Was Facebook built in PHP?
  4. Where do you see Urbit converging with cryptocurrency values?
  5. What is composability?
  6. What happened...

Jan 16, 2023

Sam Frank, Writer, Investor, and Board member of the Urbit Foundation



Urbit ID: ~todset-partug

  1. How did you first get involved with Urbit?
  2. What is it like to be a writer in the descent of that profession brought on by the internet?
  3. What are...

Jan 9, 2023

Stephen is working on AI dev on Near protocol and developing on Ethereum

  1. What is the NEAR blockchain?
  2. What is sharding?
    1. Increasing throughput of the transactions
    2. Breaking up the blockchain into shards so that you can get more parallelism
    3. When does ETH sharding begin?
    4. ETH sharding is based on blobs
  3. Why are you...

Jan 2, 2023

Deborah Simpier Co-founder & CEO  of Althea Network and Gravity Bridge

  1. What does Althea network do?
  2. What is interoperability?
  3. What is the payment experience like right now?
  4. Why do telcos get monopolized?
  5. When did we start referring to people as users?
  6. Why do 29% of New York City not have access to the internet?
  7. How do...