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Crazy Wisdom

Feb 27, 2023

Ivan Vendrov is AI researcher, ML engineer interested in speculation of future systems

Questions discussed or for further discussions

  • What do you think is the great X-risks humans face today?
  • What are some weaknesses in terms of technology...

Feb 20, 2023

Woody Wiegmann

What will AI do the ability of people who have limited intelligence and agency?

  1. What will AI do to humans who tend to create rituals for guidance on what to do?

    1. Back in the 400BC, humans were ritually inclined, to put off their questions to ritual

  2. Are there going...

Feb 13, 2023

Eric Helal Founder of Quartus a Dev shop for Urbit Apps

Rabsef-bicrym on Urbit



  1. Are we in Utopia or dystopia or neither?

  2. What are the other options besides social dystopia?

    1. Resource constraint

    2. Wind from a dying star novel

    3. Technology...

Feb 6, 2023

Adam Chavez is a Founder of Freeplay, & Mokriya. 


We make sense of where we’re headed as a society in a post-trust, post-2020 world.


What’s up with Steve Jobs’ apparent belief in magic? Why does that matter? 


We also talk AI, holographic theory, the impact of ancient Abraham on America, & the...