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Crazy Wisdom

Apr 11, 2022

Jonathan Harrison's work is in learning to become more realistic.  

The more we connect to what’s really happening as opposed to what we think, we realize that what we think is our creativity operating, but the real world is just happening (including our thinking which is part of the real world).

Then from this more realistic viewpoint, what we think ceases to disturb us because we realize it has no particular validity or meaning whatsoever, other than expressing our state of mind at the point that we may express it.

The Unconditioned Mind:

With a direct view of reality as it is, in which things that aren’t real don’t disturb you.

You might call it a gentle adjustment or correction to our faulty education.

Anger is a physical and mental state which we sometimes get into.

When we’re angry, it’s temporary insanity and our judgment isn’t as good at that time. 

People who attack with anger are generally in the greatest need.

Happiness is a biological drive that can cause anger.

There’s always pain hiding behind anger.

Listening to an angry person can diffuse their anger.

Confusion is a common reaction to this work, along with fear and the whole spectrum of emotions.

Ultimately there is no terminology in this work, and it doesn’t depend on any theory. For these reasons, it can get strange very quickly.

We are all scientists. Nobody understands anything, but this doesn’t stop us from trying. The process of learning is updating our expectations according to the evidence.

If you can accept that what’s happening now is not what you think, you immediately may face an open space of pure awareness in which you don't know what to be aware of, you don’t know who’s aware, you don’t know what awareness is, and it really doesn’t matter anymore.

The goal is awareness of things as they are, as opposed to things as you think they are.

In this work we don’t start from the assumption that a problem exists so there’s nothing to heal or solve, and we don’t start with the assumption that a problem doesn’t exist so everything is open.

If there’s a problem and you have a solution, no need to worry. If there’s a problem and you don’t have a solution, there’s also no need to worry.

Be wary of any teacher who is claiming to be enlightened, they may have missed the point.