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Crazy Wisdom

Jan 7, 2021

This episode is different! Here, I'm interviewed by Alex Levy for an episode for his podcast "Through Conversations" which I also decided to publish here. Enjoy!

3:30 - Stewart's approach to interviews

6:00 - How should we use Twitter?

7:30 - Are we curious by nature?

8:34 - "Question asking is one of the most courageous things we can do"

10:00 - Are we able to cope with uncertainty?

13:19 - The best thing we can do is to awaken.

15:35 - The benefits of living under uncertainty.

17:45 - The ego from the Eastern Tradition.

18:55 - There are no sufficient words to answer the question of "Who am I?"

19:55 - Facebook as a place to portray the idealized self

21:30 - Some of the consequences of the pandemic.

24:30 - Are our leaders the reflection of ourselves?


29:45 - Does natural selection favors organisms that are truth seekers?

31:05 - Assortative Mating on Ideology Could Operate Through Olfactory Cues

32:00 - Is there something beyond conditioning?

34:15 - The Matrix: Red Pill or Blue Pill?

37:00 - Can we cope with our death?

44:25 - If we live for eternity, how long would it take for us to become crazy?

45:45 - Has the pandemic made us afraid of life?

48:16 - Are we in a meaning crisis, as John Vervake says?

50:30 - Exercise on awareness - pointing towards awareness.

52:32 - Why do I want to know the truth?

56:00 - Finding the truth may make you more antifragile.

1:00:00 - Technology, made by humans, is growing exponentially, why are we having a hard time coping with its repercussions?

1:03:00 - The paradox of paradoxes.