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Crazy Wisdom

Dec 4, 2023

In this episode, the host, Stewart Alsop, takes a deep dive with Suman Kanuganti, the co-founder and CEO of They discuss the concepts of Personal Language Models (PLM), artificial intelligence, and the UX of AI systems. Suman presents the idea of creating personalized AI for every individual to preserve their memory and enable people to interact with it, thus introducing a new way to retain and access human knowledge. They also touch upon the impacts of AI on the way history will be told and remembered in the future.

We built a Custom GPT trained on this episode for you to interact with. Try this prompt with it:

What are Suman's thoughts on the evolution of personal AI?

Key Insights

  1. Introduction to Personal AI: Discussion on the concept of Personal AI, an AI version of oneself that leverages personal data, facts, and opinions to create interactive experiences for others.

  2. Origin of Personal AI: Suman Kanuganti shares his inspiration behind Personal AI, motivated by the loss of his mentor, Larry Bok, and the desire to maintain intellectual and emotional connections.

  3. Nature of Personal AI: Unlike current Large Language Models (LLMs), Personal AI focuses on individual memory, including context, location, and personal history. It grows over time, assimilating various aspects of an individual's life.

  4. Explicit vs. Implicit Memory: Exploration of the concept of explicit memory control in Personal AI, ensuring intellectual integrity, and distinguishing it from implicit inference.

  5. Personal AI's User Experience: Discussion on the evolution of the user experience in Personal AI, highlighting how it started before the hype of current LLMs like GPT-3.

  6. Integration with LLMs: Insight into how Personal AI integrates with general LLMs to enhance user experience and fill gaps in personal knowledge.

  7. Challenges and Solutions in Personal AI Development: Suman Kanuganti discusses overcoming challenges related to UX design, data training, and market adaptation.

  8. Future of AI Interaction: Speculation on the future modalities of interacting with AI, including voice, virtual avatars, and potential integration into the metaverse and synthetic biology.

  9. Vision and Persistence in Developing Personal AI: Suman Kanuganti reflects on the journey of developing Personal AI, emphasizing the importance of vision and overcoming resistance and challenges in the tech industry.

  10. Historical Implications of Personal AI: A closing thought on how Personal AI could change the way history is recorded and told, with individual memory shaping personal narratives.