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Crazy Wisdom

Apr 7, 2021

Joshua Morrison Cooper is the creative coordinator at Happiness and in this episode, we discuss gardening, the healing power of plants, how to get started with planting, how big agricultural practices deplete the quality of soil, government initiatives to help people interested in planting, and much more.

We also spoke about Joshua's unique type of music, which you can listen to here:


(1:53) Do you know you can make music with plants? Find out how

(6:11) How working with plants helps you heal. Do you know that your body generates a certain kind of electricity, that under the right circumstances, can heal you?

(10:49) How commercial farming techniques have depleted soil quality and nutrition

(11:29) Some healthy alternatives to pesticides you can use in your home garden

(21:00) What do you need to understand about plants and the planting process, if you want to work with them?

(23:47) What are some things to be aware of in terms of how the government might be able to help you grow stuff if you’re interested?

(25:55) What is vertical farming and how is it useful?