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Crazy Wisdom

Jul 18, 2022

Jacob Rudolph

Executive Director of Pride Network

What does it mean to develop leadership?

What does it mean to have a third-party mediator?

What are the main challenges when it comes to communication?

What does it mean to serve?

Do you still feel like you have to learn lessons about humility?

What does it mean to open your heart?

What is the relationship between the nervous system and emotional growth?

God is real, now what?

I’m not alone, and the connection between being divergent and finding others who are like us.

What turn-keys have you found recently?

How do you find equations that unlock everything?

How many books has David Hawkins written?

How do you find holy company?

How do you not identify with trauma in groups?

How do you find healing alone?

Trauma bonding in groups.

What have you learned of forgiveness?

How did the U.S. Federal Government stop Native Americans from practicing their religion?

How many people are in chronic pain?

Can you forgive people while alone?

What is the relationship between the God-realm and forgiveness (look at you, Jesus and crew)?

Is pain socially mediated?

What is the relationship between collective and individual pain?

What can we learn about safe spaces?

How do you lead groups without getting enwrapped by the dark triad?

What is the value or utility of suffering?

How do you get to the unmitigated experience of their own pain?

What do you think of my idea of MDMA therapy?

How can you tell the difference between CPSTD and someone on the dark triad?

How do you help people become their own self healers?

What is a basic education on trauma?

The holistic psychologist on Instagram, Dr. Nicole Pera.

What is the window of tolerance?

How can we feel into our bodies and notice the symptoms of anxiety?

Let's talk about drugs. 

(27 minutes)

What is the fawn response?

How do you recontextualize things?

What do you know about MDMA therapy and the FDA?

What are your thoughts on pharmacology?

Stepping stones for healing, not the end point

How do you stop becoming a people pleaser?

What is the relationship between involvement and alignment?

How do you stop fixing, contro,l and caregiving when it’s not beneficial?

The difference between love.

What are the limitations of my own power?

What is the Pride Network?

What have you learned about running a Pride Network?

How many people are at the Pride Network?

Are you the one raising money?

What have you learned about humility from raising money?

Who do you mostly raise money for?

How do you use social media to raise money?

1% of GDP goes to philanthropy.

(45 minutes)

What have you learned about being comfortable asking for money?

Nonprofits doing money laundering.

What is pathos (the emotional self)?

What percentage of the non-profit funding comes from the middle class? Upper class?

How do you find the people to get money for?

Find the people who already do it and ask them.

What are the legal requirements for the board structure? 501(3) status

Can I serve as a channel?

What percentages of fundraising streams in a non-profit organization?

What are the causes that you care about?

Pride Network, offering assistance to 18-29 LGBQT youth.

Heart-centered leadership development.

How can people volunteer?

Corporate connections

What do you look for in a board member?