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Crazy Wisdom

Nov 22, 2022

This episode was meant to fulfill a personal curiosity of mine about CNC routers for wood working and how they are changing a very old skill. I wanted to see how it fit into my thesis of decentralized manufacturing and how it relates to additive manufacturing. It gets a little technical so you will like this episode if you already have some knowledge about building physical things. Here are some questions we cover:

  1. What is CNC?
  2. What is a CNC router?
  3. WHat is the difference between making and designing things for CNC routers?
  4. What is a tool pathing?
  5. What are the applications for CNC routing?
  6. What is high density urethane?
  7. How did you get into CNC routing?
  8. What are your favorite materials?
  9. What is slat wall?

Steve Heckathorn

Owner operator of NC3 Fab (