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Crazy Wisdom

May 16, 2022

A distant cousin, a writer who lives in Maine, and a former political consultant.

Why is 1957 a bad time to get stuck in a honey pot?

1962 is when the Cuban missile crisis occurred.

What is Mr Jones?

Is Russia a threat to the United States?

What does a great policy towards Russia look like?

What is the policy towards Russia?

What is the policy towards China?

What are the forms of leverage that China has on the US? How about Russia?

Who is Peter Splitzer and his book?

What is going to happen to Europe when it comes to alliances with Russia and the US?

What does the Monroe doctrine look like from a Russian perspective?

What is NATO doing?

What is the role of nuclear power?

NATO Article 5 was only used after 9/11.

Why do you disagree with?

What does a desperate Russia look like?

Who is Gerhadt Schroder?

Is the Ukraine War a civil war?

What is the role of the UN in the New World Order, which is essentially a lack of order?

The planes never arrived.

Who were the victims of Joseph Mcarthy?

What is the future of the American political experience?

How can the Republican Party stop being reactive?

Column for three newspapers Village Soup (Crossfire Hurricane)