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Crazy Wisdom

Aug 25, 2020

Jude Gomila is the CEO and co-founder of Golden; a firm dedicating to mapping all of human knowledge. As you’ve come to expect a lot of topics were touched in this episode. Do enjoy.

You can find Jude @judegomila on Twitter.

(5:50) The hidden limitations of modern-day supply chains, despite their ultra-efficiency, with examples, and a better metric to work with.

(7:51) The wonders of synthetic biology, and the possibilities (and hazards) it holds for the revolutionization of manufacturing and food production.

(12:17) What is construction theory? And is there a connection between it and synthetic biology?

(17:02) Are there contradictions between what is possible in quantum mechanics and not possible in classical dynamics?

(24:22) How cats got a sweet deal by optimally navigating of the curiosity-survivability loop.

(31:00) Modeling COVID-19 as a network problem; how this can allow for more flexible solutions; the uncertainties involved.

(35:47) Atoms, bits, biotechnology and the dawn of a new Information Age

(38:45) Why is science, which is one in actual reality, so fragmented in theory?

(41:02) Why Jude believes our educational system, in its current form, is suboptimal.

(46:06) A theory of U.B.I. as a means of making ownership, rather than income, more widely available; how making capitalist incentives and access to ownership widespread in a transparent market can make an economy flourish.

(54:27) Is the loss of labor (increase in automation) leading to the loss of sovereignty among individuals? Is there anything we can do about it?

(57:24) What can we do to steer the future in a different direction? How do we build a vision of where we want to go?

(1:03:41) Does our generation have the courage to make the changes necessary to face our coming future?

(1:12:31) Why social distancing should have been called physical distancing instead.