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Crazy Wisdom

Mar 13, 2023

Kirill Zubovsky

Prompt Engineer and CEO of @ 

  1. What is

  2. Does Godaddy front-run domain names by buying them as soon as you search for them?

    1. They are 12 billion $ company

  3. What have you learned about Machine Learning from doing this?

  4. Did you have to learn a lot to develop on openai’s algorithm?

  5. How do you add uncertainty to your AI prompts?

  6. Why do people like to hack individual AI systems instead of hacking the big ones?

  7. What are the companies that will start to build in-house models?

  8. What is the difference between consumer and enterprise AI?

  9. What is the AI that has been used for airplane design for over 20 years now?

  10. Are we headed for utopia and dystopia?

  11. What is your take on Silicon Valley Bank?

  12. What is moral hazard and how does it play with what is going on SVB?

  13. What did Hayek say about all this?

  14. What will AI do to the decentralization of capitalism?