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Crazy Wisdom

Sep 19, 2022

Wade Townsend


When did you get into playing poker?

What is negotiation when it comes to draft for baseball?

What is Tommy John surgery? What pitcher surgeries are common?

What is your degree in?

What countries did you play poker tournaments in?

What is the bureaucracy involved with baseball?

Was it the coaches or the employees in professional baseball?

What is the difference between traveling for fun vs. traveling for a goal?

Why is the difference between being sincere and being serious?

Why is 90% of humanity deceptive?

How do you assume responsibility for existence?

Why does the Catholic Church make Latin America resistant to mind-viruses?

What is the concept of self-evidence?

How do you define God?

What is the meaning of words?

What about neutering dogs?

Who is Bob Barker in relationship to dogs?

Why did you live in Cabo San Lucas?

What did Ithe United States make illegal in 2011?

When did you get abducted in Colombia?

Why is it important to let go of fake friends?

Coming to our senses book.

How do mammals signal differently than other animals?

How do you find the Goldilocks when seeking information about problems that you have?

Why is there so much bullshitting in academia?

What is a good Gnostic Bible?

Gospel of Thomas

Did you get attached to cosmic consciousness?

How is it better?

What got you into Wittgenstein? How?