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Crazy Wisdom

Sep 5, 2022

What is dialogue?

What is monologue?

How do you have dialgoue with your colleagues? And then engagement?

How many corporate retreats have you done?

What is a corporate retreat?

How do you find perfect deals?

What is a perfect deal?

How do you deal with the stress from early deals?

How do you deal with principal agent dilemma of investors?

How do you deal with potential for embarassments?

Is honor culture neccesary? Why does it show up in human relationships?

What is the difference between true inquiry and reputational status building activity?

How do you deal with the necessity of being an asshole?

Man is a political animal, there is no apolitical.

Who is someone you know that you know that you still find mysterious?

Why do people have conversations?

What do you do about the possibility of surprise?

Conversation as a dance; what is the music that you are dancing to?

What is the logos?

What is the relationship between logos and revelation?

What is Poesis?

Can a muse be anything?

What is a poetic disclosure?

What is Plato’s phaedrus?

Arate (skill or excellence) and aristeia (best game ever while he had the flu).

What is the difference between Daemon and Spirit?

What are your thoughts on the thing you just said and how AI will interact with it?

Contemporary thought versus super power daemons.

How do you make yourself ready to have God move through you?

How do you work with ethical tightropes when ethics themselves are not respected by most people?

How do you cultivate flow?

What do you think about secularism?

Animals don’t have type 2 thinking.

 What is an Emu’s algorithims?

Why do I feel nervous about being a Stewart algorithm?

How do substances help us unravel and put back together our unconscious?

What is your thoughts on city versus country?

Is Western civilization less paradoxical than the east?

What is hippie buddhism?

How many hours a day are you reading? Do you put in your calendar?

How do you wear a mask without idenifitying the character that the mask portrays?

What is the science that has been rejected?

What is science again?

What happens when scientists experiment on themselves?

What is glory?

How do you talk about science when you are not a scientist but have studied?

What is the difference between scientism and science?

What are your invalidated hypothesis that you have discovered in the past year?

What do you think of dark ages?

Who is Francis Bacon?

Who are the scientists that have been ignored in their life but then turned out to be revolutionaries?

What is an age of concealment?

What is the cult of progress?

Who did Jesus rail against?

In what ways was Jesus a contrarian?

What is the difference between change and progress?

What is chronological snobbery?

Can you see all of your own blind spots?

What are the virtues of medeival thought?

What is the different way of funding science?

How is science funded?

Corporate R&D, venture capital, and government-academic complex for grants.

What are teh different ways that corruption shows up?

Incredible incrementalism.

If the grant complex is so wonderful, then why dont we 10X funding?

What is Francis’ approach to funding science?

Crowdfunding, find the experiment to validate 

Philanthropy based prizes

What is the spirit of science?

How do narcissists use simple statements to manipulate thoughts?

Should scietnists be passing laws?

What can we call people who believe in Scientism?

Paradox has no thearitcal solution.

How can you develop paradoxical thinking?

What do you believe is true that is absolutely true?

There is no way of doing nothing.