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Crazy Wisdom

Jan 23, 2023

A full-stack web developer, speaker and adviser to a small number of blockchain startups

On urbit: ~locruc-fonmec

  1. What are the foundations of privacy?
  2. What is the next big thing?
  3. Was Facebook built in PHP?
  4. Where do you see Urbit converging with cryptocurrency values?
  5. What is composability?
  6. What happened with Tornado Cash?
  7. What is a personal AI?
  8. What is the transformer paradigm?
  9. What is the apocalyptic paradigm when it comes to AI?
  10. Why is there so much fear regarding AI?
  11. Will AI ever be able to decide what is beautiful or not?
  12. What is the root of fear?
  13. What is decentralized computing?
  14. In what ways is Ethereum complimentary to Urbit?
    1. What about competition Uqbar?
  15. Why would you need the huge security guarantees that ETH represents?
  16. What do you think of the Bitcoin Maxis evaluation of ETH as censorable?
  17. What is the problem with kelvin versioning?
  18. What is the history of computing?
    1. “Mother of all demos”
    2. Brett Victor
  19. What is the future of computing?
  20. What is the value of data?
  21. What is the future of regulation when it comes to what we are discussing?
  22. The AI that you are talking about, what is the difference between Chat GPT and that AI?
  23. Why did languages teach us so much about the transformer paradigm for AI?
  24. What will be it once we can generate apps on the fly with AI?
  25. What is the difference between content and context?
  26. How is a human similar to a shattered giant ice cube?
  27. What are the implications of the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI?
  28. Why does the training of the algorithm cost so much power rather than just the keeping up?
  29. What happens with the live training model of AI?