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Crazy Wisdom

Jan 16, 2023

Sam Frank, Writer, Investor, and Board member of the Urbit Foundation



Urbit ID: ~todset-partug

  1. How did you first get involved with Urbit?
  2. What is it like to be a writer in the descent of that profession brought on by the internet?
  3. What are the politics like in the new york writer's groups?
  4. What does it mean to be a rationalist?
    1. Did you see the Peter Theil takedown of the rationalist community?
  5. What was Vitalik like before he became nerd famous?
  6. What was the original DAO version versus where it is now?
  7. What does it mean to be an alien in a human body?
  8. Where do Moldbug and Nick Land converge and diverge?
  9. How does being a writer help you understand technology in ways programmers can’t?
  10. How does talking off the record play into being a writer/journalist?
  11. What is the relationship between being conservative in technology versus being conservative in other centers of contemporary power?
  12. What is the relationship between ethereum and urbit?
  13. What is urbit going to be?
  14. What was it like to get on Urbit in 2018?
  15. How does localism play into urbit?
  16. What will Urbit do to information?
  17. What will the Google be of Urbit?
  18. How will the network map be different for Urbit than it is for contemporary social media?
  19. What are the metaphysic strings that thread the current urbit network?
  20. What do you think search will be like on Urbit?
  21. How do you categorize knowledge?
    1. What about information?
  22. What is the relationship between entropy and knowledge?
    1. How does the breakdown of knowledge work differently pre-internet and post-internet?
  23. How is the speed of development different in Urbit versus the legacy internet?
  24. Are the development costs lower in Urbit vs the legacy computing world?
  25. What is the relationship between knowledge and context of knowledge?
  26. What is the difference between something that works and something that works well?
  27. Talk about how Stewart started researching random esoteric spirituality  stuff on Google and got himself into a deep hole
  28. Is postmodernism an entropy of modernism?
  29. But maybe its both, parts of the world will decline under entropy and a new species gets created that enters the new age? (25 minutes in)
  30. You seem like someone who is part of both the new age esotericism and part of technology, what is that like?
  31. Why did society edit Nikola Tesla?
  32. What is the relationship between urbit and AI?
  33. Who is Rudolph Steiner?
  34. What were the influences that led to unbalanced specialization?
  35. The tradition itself is no longer valid for the increased complexity that comes from the age of acceleration
  36. Who is Norman Kahn? Book “In search of the Millenium”
  37. What is the root of the “ascension to 5D theory”?
  38. How is the brain a filtration system?
  39. How does the specialization matrix/left brain make people more fragile to the obvious acceleration we are going through?
  40. What did Charles Eisenstein say about COVID?
  41. What is it like to go to UFO convention?
  42. What is it like to be authentically weird rather than cool weird?
  43. How does rationalism end up repressing the irrational?