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Crazy Wisdom

Dec 5, 2022

Aaron Lowry (

  1. Why are you interested in Cardano?
  2. Why didn’t you switch to ETH and stay with Classic?
  3. What are the main challenges to build decentralized systems?
    1. With functional governance?
  4. How does verifiability contribute to more challenging programming issues?
  5. What was the Ethereum schism between classic and ETH?
    1. With the unilateral move to create a new ETH chain we see the first centralization
  6. Cardano is centralized in explicit ways through the initial token sale, the corporate structure, and the nodes
    1. It starts out centralized but they have a roadmap to get to centralization
  7. What are the differences between a proof of work Bitcoin and a proof of stake system? What does a smart contract system need that bitcoin doesn’t?
  8. What happened when ETH moved to proof of stake?
  9. Why is energy so fundamental to utility?
  10. What is the market cap of Cardano?
  11. What are the compromises of ETH?
  12. What is slashing?
  13. How fast is Cardano?
  14. What are stake pools?
  15. What is trust minimization? Why is it so integral to a blockchain?
  16. Does Cardano validate things locally?
  17. Will AI make it easier to host hardware servers?
  18. What limits peer-to-peer networks?
  19. The market seems to always go towards convenience, which compromises so many things. What are those compromises?
  20. Can you argue with physics?
  21. How long does delusion traditionally outlast sanity?
  22. How do you build something that lasts when structurally the incentive is to build something that doesn’t?
  23. What is the difference between accountability and scapegoating?
  24. How can you reality-check with others while there are contradictions embedded within communication?