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Crazy Wisdom

Mar 30, 2020

Matt is the Founder/CEO at a Stealth AI company. Angel Investor. Founder @ Dishcraft Robotics. Ex-NYC Paramedic. Champion of righteous underdogs.

Questions that came up in the show:

What is the most recent medical advice for having ADHD?

Does remote work help people with ADHD?

What does ADHD feel like for you?

What is the emotional flavor of ADHD?

Why do we fight back against the tradition of our parents?

Is there anyway to tell whether an idea you have is crazy or not before testing it? If so how?

What is the delta between someone’s assumed station in life (birth conditions) and where they end up in life? What was expected of them versus of what they did?

How do you break a negative pattern or spiral?

What is the foundation of self belief?

What is the relationship between self belief and tough love?

Is it possible to be both insecure and intellectual fearlessness?

What is the relationship between accepting reality and greatness?

How do hierarchies work differently in a remote work environment?

What is the risk of telling the truth?

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