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Crazy Wisdom

Sep 18, 2020

Claire Tiwald is a painter, illustrator, sculptor, and comic book artist, and Fb friend of mine. We talk about wilderness camping, bears, mountain lions, camping in the winter, r-value and why it is important and much more. You can find Claire on her website and on her Instagram page @grimlemur. Enjoy!

(5:04 – 7:52) What to actually do when you encounter a bear up close; surprising information on which bears are the most dangerous (has little to do with size).

(8:07 – 9:25) Countryside vs city, which has scarier people? (I should run a poll on this); why animals are easier and more straightforward to deal with compared to human beings.

(10:04 – 12:27) Bears vs Mountain Lions, which should you be warier of? When and where you should watch for mountain lions; how a donkey got between Claire and a bear.

(13:29 – 14:45) Do you know you can take a donkey on the Pacific Crest Trail? The pros and cons of doing so; Claire’s experience with one.

(16:00 – 18:54) How emotional struggles, her dad, and the healing effects of nature cultivated Claire’s love for the wilderness.

(19:00 – 26:50) Tips on camping during winter; r-value: why you should pay attention to the r-value of your camping gear; why you should be wary of synthetic liners, blankets, pants, and clothing in general; why cotton is worse than synthetics for camping during the winter.

(26:50 – 30:11) Do you know it’s possible to get hypothermia in the summer? Under special conditions of course; why listening to your body and being in the moment during wilderness hikes is a must; and, going back to camping during winter, how stacking claories up can stave hypothermia off, and why you shouldn’t take any alcohol when camping during the winter.

(31:51 – 36:06) Weather forecasting and navigational precautions to take when deciding to go camping during the winter; courses to take on wilderness navigation and how to improve your ability to navigate in general.

(37:00) Do you know it is illegal to have a drone in national forest airspace?