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Crazy Wisdom

Jul 29, 2019

Kirill Zubovsky is the founder of SmashNotes, a website that curates highlights from millions of podcasts in the form of Q&As. Be it science, business, startups, education, news, or anything in between, they've got you covered. He also hosts his own podcast called Rad Dad.

In this episode, Kirill shares the insider knowledge he's collected both as a founder in the growing podcast industry and also as a YCombinator alumnus. From life lessons to startup culture, you will leave this one feeling a little wiser and more well-informed about the way our world operates.


(02:38) - What is SmashNotes?

(05:25) - Why podcasting has blown up

(07:07) - Kiril's podcast experience as a host

(10:56) - Is it counter-productive to share show notes? 

(12:55) - Out of thousands of podcasts, which is Kiril's favorite?

(14:24) - Short-term future of AI

(18:13) - Biggest life lesson that Kiril has learned from working in YCombinator

(22:38) - What recent piece of information got Kiril excited?

(25:15) - Crazy Wisdom's evolution and expected trajectory

(29:56) - Where does the name 'Crazy Wisdom' come from?

(35:13) - Seeking advice selectively

(38:41) - How can you monetize your podcast?

(43:09) - Remote-work and the upcoming worldwide decentralized networks

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