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Crazy Wisdom

Apr 3, 2023

AJ is a software engineer interested in Urbit and data composability. 


Keep an eye out on Holium, and making it easier to code in Javascript for Urbit


  1. What is data composability?

    1. Multiple applications sharing data and make the interfaces work together

    2. OpenAIs that both Twitter and Facebook had and then were shut down

    3. Data is the main product that these applications have

    4. You can separate the data and the code

    5. Personal AI

  2. How did we get to such a fragmented application landscape?

  3. Legacy internet vs New Internet?

  4. What is AJ working on?

    1. TomeDB

    2. Javascript package

    3. Associated gall agent

    4. NoSQL database

    5. The front end side is the interesting part

  5. What are gall agents?

    1. Standardized backend of Urbit

    2. Rules for moving data between different servers and accounts

  6. What are you looking for in a backend?

  7. Why are you reinventing the wheel when building a new urbit backend?

  8. What is the promise of urbit?

  9. What is the main draw of urbit?

  10. What does it mean to be permissionless?

  11. Urbit brings the best out of the past

  12. How much data is stored when you host your urbit on the cloud vs your own database?

  13. What are the technical limitations that an Uribit can store?

    1. 4-8 GBs can be stored and its stored in RAM

  14. How long until we have video streaming on Urbit?

  15. What is your take on where AI and Urbit mingle?

  16. How do you have an AI work for you rather than a big corporation?

  17. Urbit is creating a virtual world where you get only what you want and little of what you want

  18. The success of Urbit is the apple OS with the next generation of software

  19. How do you get the cost down?

    1. How do you run an urbit inside an urbit?

  20. What is the main difficulty of scale for computing on the cloud?

  21. If a million people join urbit tomorrow would it break?

  22. What is the biggest scale that Urbit has seen?

    1. 1-2K people

  23. What is the new narrative of Urbit?

  24. How do you use urbit as a really simple use case that urbit can solve to start getting urbit adoption?

    1. How do you store data and transfer it between two people in a secure way?

  25. Urbit as an infrastructure that can help build infrastructure

    1. There has to be the normal infrastructure that we are used to in terms of databases and networking 

    2. Urbit is mostly a backend technology

    3. Urbit could eventually have HOON native AI

  26. Did you use crypto to pay for anything in El Salvador?

  27. What did you learn at the Volcano Summit in El Savlador?

  28. Logan’s talk on Zorp using Knock