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Crazy Wisdom

Mar 31, 2022

Michael Batrano is the founder of Libertis Horizon, a private society event happening in San Diego that is focused on freeing individuals around the world from the control structures that keep us living scared, disconnected lives and restrict our personal agency.

In this episode, we discuss control systems, how the elites have deceived us into giving away our agency, and much more.

You can find him on his website and on the associated Telegram group.

1:16 - 15:46

-The two systems US citizens are living under.

-Why knowing yourself is important to navigating yourself out of the negative system to the positive one

-How the negative system has caused us to overintellectualize our lives.

-How propaganda distracts you from the damage done by the negative system

-Everything we use is owned by a few private groups. How do they maintain control?


16:00 – 17:55

-What is democracy? Is it useful? Does it offer any protection?       

-The REAL difference between a Democracy and a Republic.


17:56 – 19:27

-The unique opportunity modernity has presented for enabling individuals to build their own private worlds


19:30 – 25:09

-How we get trapped in the elite’s world without our consent.

-Why you need to understand the contracts that keep us bound to these control structures

-Everything in society is fiction.

-How the idea of the US is now upside down.


25:27 – 34:23

-Examples of governments that have enforced control systems on their citizens

-Does the US constitution offer more protection from autocratic systems than other constitutions?

-Facebook and Google have been compromised.

-Why guns are the last bastion of freedom in the US.


34:25 – 46:21

-A bit about Michael’s past

-Lessons learned from fatherhood

-How Disney implants the wrong ideas about love in us

-How to keep yourself open to love despite the risks      

-Human nature is not innately destructive - we’re influenced from even before birth to have baggage.


46:50 – 53:25

How to find out more about the Libertis Horizon event.