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Crazy Wisdom

Aug 1, 2022

An experiment I'm running to live tweet my interviews in the forms of questions: The first try is with ~timluc-miptev on Urbit He is constructing and coordinating a DAO that will be a Layer 1 that will start as a ZK roll-up in the Urbit ecosystem.
What is a program running on the Urbit operating system?
What does it mean to write to the ETH blockchain?
What are the main constructs in building what you are building?
What will it take to build a full layer 1 on Urbit?
What is the deal with hype-farming?
What do you need for a full layer 1? 
How do you get people on board?
How do you make sure its secure?
How many years does it take to build trust in an layer 1?
What use cases can be solved by a layer 1?
Why is Urbit the best environment for staying productive and happy as a programmer?
How do you balance the money-making hype-farming with staying grounded?
How do you not pump and dump?
What are the hype-farming paths? What is your marketing strategy?
Does Urbit have the most high end mind share like Quora did but no longer has?
How can this be nurtured?
What is starkware?
How do you get developer mind-share in an age when the best is already post-economic?
Is raising money for crypto companies better to do in a venture style as opposed to crowdfunding?
How do you become an accredited investor?
Who do you show the money to?
What is the impact of devs being post-economic and post location?
How do you do due diligence when people like being anon?
Whtat is the value prop of Urbit?
What is the future of gaming on Urbit?
What is the difference between production programming and fun/tinkering programming?
Urbit is the unifying software behind the fun factor for programmers?
What is a networking operating system?
What will Urbit look like in a thousand years?
Behind the scenes network operating system that no one notices.
Will your thing eventually work on hardware?
What is it like to live in a world of bits?
What is your long-term physical location ideal? Nomad?
What is the main challenge of building a ZK roll-up?
How does it work in ETH? How can we think about in terms of state when it comes to ETH?
How do you build a small ETH program as a ZK roll up?
What are the main use cases that are being created right now with ZK roll-ups?
Make transactions cheaper ZK roll ups seem like strange distributed bots straight out of a Gibson Cyberpunk Novel.
What is the metaverse?
What will happen to real estate when crypto is fully embodied in our physical life?
What does it mean to be Will-maximalist?
What are the upsides to living a fully remote work life?
How do you balance the upsides and downsides?
What is the difference between being grounded and dependent on a physical location?
What were doing in Ukraine?
Why are you a Russophile?
What was it like to be ungrounded quickly by war in Ukraine?
How is news different when you are actually in the physical location where the news is taking place?
What are input/output matches?
Track what the inputs were and what they said.
Test whether it turned out to be true.
Say to yourself what you think is going on and test it.