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Crazy Wisdom

Aug 23, 2020

Thomas, like any other human being, is a lot of things and is working on a lot of stuff. He loves to code, play the bass guitar, and is devoted to truth and beauty, among others. You can interact with his ideas on life on his blog at

In this episode, we discuss identity politics, the battle between the left and the right, consciousness, plants, inequality, and of course, much more. Enjoy.

(3:25) The strangest podcast intro you’ll listen to this week.

(7:35) The consequences of modifying government policies to help the rich get richer

(9:07) Is upward mobility possible for everyone?

(12:44) Some business models that allow for more equality between employees and employers.

(18:13) Why facts don’t change our minds

(21:00) How are we to transcend identity politics?

(24:55) What indigenous tribes can teach us about establishing a harmonious society

(29:09) Are plants conscious? A scientists’ interesting experimental report on communicating with a plant.

(30:25) Where do thoughts come from? And what exactly is consciousness? Is it produced from the brain or do we receive it?

(39:17) The fundamental polarity at play in human relationships and cooperation

(42:14) The 99% vs the 1% isn’t really a battle between the lower-class and the elite or at least it doesn’t have to be; there’s a better way to unify.

(45:34) How Bernard Lietaer connected economics, psychology, and archetypes; how suppressing important archetypes creates a dysfunctional society, and how modern society incentivizes greed and fear

(53:15) The government is reflective of the collective psyche of the people.