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Crazy Wisdom

Sep 21, 2020

Tuto Assad is the founder of Vitau, an online subscription pharmacy for patients with chronic diseases, specifically targeted to Latin America. In this episode, we discuss entrepreneurship, philosophy, his diabetic conditions, and Tuto gives us a glimpse of what the medical and pharmaceutical industry in Mexico are like. You can find Tuto on all social media platforms at Tuto Assad or on his website at Enjoy!

(3:13 – 6:28) Seeing beyond the sheen Silicon Valley has placed on entrepreneurship; why you must contextualize when trying to replicate a business model that worked in an environment different from yours; the differences between the healthcare systems in Mexico and the U.S.

(6:31 – 8:00) The one thing every entrepreneur needs to keep in mind when it comes to knowledge.

(9:10 – 13:21) The major problems patients with chronic diseases in Mexico face; how most local pharmacies fail to address this issue; the solutions Vitau aims to enact in this space.

(13:24 – 16:30) An interesting definition of strategy; the two rules that guide Vitau’s focus; why falling in love with a problem is more important than being fixated on a solution.

(16:32 – 19:58) Tuto discusses his diabetic condition, how it inspires him to live a healthy lifestyle, and the encouraging words from a priest, when he was first diagnosed at 13, that laid the foundation for his current drive to help people with chronic conditions.

25:00 – 27:14 What is your life philosophy? Tuto discusses his beliefs about what life is and what we’re here to do, and how that relates to doing business.

(27:15 – 28:36) How to navigate the hiring process, and relationships in general; how to navigate the search for someone with similar values such that you don’t end up with a clone of yourself.

(29:54 – 33:04) Does it make sense to believe in God? If today’s mythology is yesterday’s religion, doesn’t it make sense to think that today’s religion will be tomorrow’s mythology? Hear Tuto’s views on religion and how his search for truth led to him abandoning his Christian faith.

(33:48 – 35:15) Why are we trying to understand why we’re here? Why do we try to define life? Tuto offers his opinion on the issue.

(39:21 – 42:21) If you had no fears at all, would you have beliefs? A discussion of how fear has shaped most of our religious beliefs and the deepest fear most people have.

(42:23) A question to ponder: What do you believe about your business/market that most people don’t and why?