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Crazy Wisdom

Jan 30, 2023

Trent Gillham

Founder of Holium

~lomder-librun on Urbit

  1. What does it mean to reject and transcend triviality?
  2. What do you know about machine learning given your experience in 2018?
  3. What was it like to work at a big company like GE? What have you learned about starting a startup?
  4. What is it like to develop on urbit?
  5. How does non-attachment help us to build products but also distract us from with the masses?
  6. What is Holium?
    1. Community operating system
  7. How is the current system of the infrastructure of the internet keeping the internet a single-player game?
  8. What is the library of babel?
  9. Where did the names of tlon and uqbar come from?
  10. Who makes sense of disparate information?
  11. What did your crisis of 2018 teach you?
  12. Does IBM have a chance when it comes to AI?
  13. How good was AI at making decisions via algorithm in 2018? What about now?
  14. How do you make moral or ethical decisions when technology rapidly advances?
  15. How do you build something that gives human communities collective power that technology is taking over?
  16. Do AI’s have moats?
  17. What did COVID teach you about how technology can actually help communities rather than hurt them or dominate them?
  18. What is special about peer to peer database networks?
  19. What is different about the crypto age, if anything, in comparison to the VC model of yesteryear?
  20. What is Holium’s ballet?
  21. What was it like for you to build hoon?
  22. What is realm?
    1. First commit of realm was April 15th
  23. How did software systems end up being bloated by contractual economics?
  24. What is unique to urbit?
  25. What is a kubernetes clusters?
  26. What do you think of the leviathan that is the federal government?
  27. What is the relationship between resiliency of legacy systems and then the pace of technological change?
  28. How do we create resilient but also adaptable systems that can handle accelerationism?
  29. How did the internet destroy cultural convergence? How far did that make it into other countries outside of urban areas?
    1. Monoculturing is almost the same thing as monocropping
  30. The Meme flood and algorithmic pharoahs
  31. What is the spirit of technique?
    1. Technological society book
  32. When does technology become technique and then become luciferian?
  33. How can you dominate technology rather than the reverse?
  34. What was the foundation of the amish? When did that happen?
  35. What is the antifragile/resilient version of utilization of technology?
    1. Technology is the means rather than the goal
  36. What happens when the legacy internet becomes an infinite generation of content?
  37. Where do magic and technology intersect?