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Crazy Wisdom

Oct 3, 2022

My pseudoanonymous guest here today is ~Pilwyc-Fastec, you can find him on Urbit by that name spelled out

Urbit is the right OS to build the future of the smart home.

What is a smart home?

What does it mean to shift around time?

How did the mainframe build the modern smart home infrastructure?

How can we share time on devices with others in a home in an intelligent way?

What was the grant process like for Urbit?

What is identity?

Peer to peer versus server to client

What does it mean to codify reputation?

What is the difference between reputation and identity?

What is the human way of doing reputation?

What is the antifragile nature of reputation?

What is preferential attachment?

What is an engagement loop?

What is calm technology?

Are client-server relationships more promotive of engagement loops?

What is a group recommender system?

What is the relationship between AI and Urbit? How will Urbit integrate with artificiall intelligence?

What does it mean to reduce error for AI? Is that all it is?

What is the relationship with business decisions and the effectiveness of artificial intelligence?

What is a pace layer?

Why does technology over-complicate things and then decomplicate them?

What is an edge device?