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Crazy Wisdom

Nov 2, 2020

Zura Guerra is a digital nomad that’s building a startup. In this episode we discuss technology in Latin America, the pandemic, decentralizing currency, and much more. You can find her on Instagram at zuraguerra, and on her blog at Enjoy.

(2:23 - 4:15) Surviving the pandemic in Argentina, the country with the record of the longest stretch of lockdowns.

(8:21 - 13:02) What will the startup ecosystem in Brazil and Mexico look like in the next few years? Will there be more buyouts by larger, more established companies? Does Latin America have the systems and infrastructure for that type of evolution?

(13:03 - 14:16) A year ago, the biggest opportunities for technological innovation were to be found in payments, online education, and healthcare among others. Is that still the case today? Why innovators should integrate cash into future payment solutions.

(14:40 - 20:49) How rural Mexicans (which make up the majority of the population) have adopted and utilize cryptocurrencies in their day to day lives. How Brazilians use QR codes to send and receive money.

(21:31 - 24:08) Will the evolution of technology and decentralized currency lead to the weakening of nation-states? Is it already occurring? Are there examples of this happening?

(32:02 - 36:15) The biggest thing Zura has learned about startups, so far, on her journey to build one.

(36:17 - 41:38) What needs to happen for crypto to be adopted in more countries? And what are the risks involved with these happenings? What is money really? Should you still trust the dollar?

(41:41 - 46:12) Why crypto should be more about wealth establishment than actually breaking away from nation-states or establishing independence for a small group of people and how Etherium set an example for this. Why we should think of ourselves more as global citizens