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Crazy Wisdom

May 5, 2021

Daliso Ngoma is the founder and Managing Director of African Technopreneurs which is focused on providing the best AR/VR/360 camera hardware in South Africa. In this episode we discuss NFTs, Crypto, blockchain, trust, thinking for yourself, avoiding self-deception, and much more. You can find Daliso on Twitter and Instagram at @djngoma. Enjoy.

(5:24) What is the connection between VR and crypto? Is it possible that they’re going to merge into one?

(7:41) What exactly is an NFT? What does it actually mean to own one?

(14:55) Is there a difference between shame and guilt? What is it?

(17:14) Can you trust centralized social media platforms? Is crypto/blockchain a stepping stone to freedom of expression on the internet? How should you navigate decisions with contradicting information? Such as deciding whether to take the vaccine or not?

(19:46) Do you really think for yourself?

(23:33) Why you should be skeptical of how internet platforms (e.g., social media and websites) use the data you give them.

(30:49) Self-deception: How Daliso tries to avoid bullshitting himself.

(35:00) Why do people get so emotional when arguing on Twitter?

(37:55) How South Africa is handling lockdowns.

(47:57) What’s the crypto space in Africa like?

(53:34) Can you pay for stuff with bitcoin in South Africa?