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Crazy Wisdom

Sep 26, 2022

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He is a Metaphysical spice¹ trader. Cyclical time cartographer. Exotic information imports

  1. What happened between Socrates and now?
  2. What is cyclical time versus linear time?
  3. What have you learned from the fourth turning?
  4. Why is it that somethings outside the realm of science that are also predictive?
    1. Why does science think that it is predictive when it isnt always (rona)?
  5. Does the 4th turning have any connection with vedic astrology?
  6. Who are some famous mathemeticians and physicists that also use astrology?
  7. What is the relationship between science/tech and aquarius energy?
  8. What are some charectirisitcs of pisces thought?
  9. What is aquarius?
  10. How does nature distribute information efficiently?
  11. How is efficiency fractal?
  12. Is it a dark age or golden age right now?
    1. It depends on the context
    2. For some people it will be a dark age, parrticularly people who cling to the pisces energy
  13. What was plato’s biggest contribution to the way that we see the world?
    1. A perfect god, makes it necessary to be an omnibeing, an object that can exhibit no change
  14. Is aquarius energy nonlinear compared to the pisces energy?
  15. What is the god of the aquarius age?
    1. A decentralized god
  16. What is the difference between a theory of a centralized god versus one of a decentrazlied god?
  17. What is the result of the eastern and western philosophies clash that is happening because of the internet and postmodernity?
  18. Why did the hebrews/jesus, ultimately get shoehorned into greek/roman philosophy?
  19. What is telos?
  20. What is platonic perfection?
  21. Where did the concept of lived experience come from?
  22. Why is the ontological interpretation often wrong?
    1. What is narrative reincarnation?
  23. Who is ernest becker?