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Crazy Wisdom

Jan 9, 2023

Stephen is working on AI dev on Near protocol and developing on Ethereum

  1. What is the NEAR blockchain?
  2. What is sharding?
    1. Increasing throughput of the transactions
    2. Breaking up the blockchain into shards so that you can get more parallelism
    3. When does ETH sharding begin?
    4. ETH sharding is based on blobs
  3. Why are you attracted to Rust?
  4. Can you use Rust on Ethereum?
  5. What is a virtual machine?
    1. Something that is interpreting bite code instead of binary
  6. Why would a blockchain need a virtual machine?
  7. Why are virtual machines more secure?
  8. What is web assembly?
  9. How do interfaces work for smart contracts?
  10. What is a blockchain?
  11. Why would someone want to have a blockchain for gaming?
  12. Why does a blockchain economize resources better than something like AWS or cloud computing?
  13. What are zero knowledge proofs?
  14. What is the relationship between zero knowledge proofs and KYC networks?
  15. What is determinism?
  16. What are your thoughts on AI right now as an AI developer?
  17. How far are we from AGI?
  18. How much has psychology or biology informed the development of AI?
  19. Has anyone formed a plan to actually get to AGI?
  20. Would gaming be a good way to create an AGI through this bootstrapping thing you mention 25 minutes in?
  21. Why is gaming AI dumbed down?
  22. Is it dumbed down because of resource efficiency?
    1. No its because you want that determism and the expected range of behaviors
    2. QA doesn’t want to deal with unexpected issues which cause bugs you can’t fix or expect
  23. How is deep learning affecting gaming developments?
    1. How is gaming affecting deep learning?
  24. Are you using copilot for developing?
  25. What is reinforcement learning?
    1. Find out how much you value decisions that lead to certain rewards
  26. What does it mean to “discount something”?
  27. Whether OPENAI is open source?
  28. What did NFT protocol did you create?
  29. What is a Markoff chain?
  30. What is a lottery smart contract?
    1. You purchase tickets with your crypto wallet
    2. The more tickets you purchase, the better chances you have for a payout
  31. How does peer reviewing work for writing solidity?
  32. What are the implications of developing on a blockchain versus a normal database?
  33. What is state when it comes to programming?
  34. How do you visualize the state of the EVM?