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Crazy Wisdom

May 3, 2021

Keia is a Medicine Woman who organizes ceremonies for ancestral medicine. Her aim is to help people transform their lives life into empowered and abundant experiences through facilitating awakenings and supporting healing. In this episode, we discuss plant medicines, what it means to heal, the relationship between fear and healing, the goal of healing, and much more. You can find Keia on Twitter at KLMedicinewoman, and on Instagram at keialavine. Enjoy!

(3:29) What is healing? What does it mean to heal? How can you tell when someone, in front of you, is healing from something deep?

(6:14) What is the relationship between fear and healing? Is it possible to be afraid of healing?

(14:14) The role of pain in healing.

(15:05) How much of your decision-making is based on fear?

(17:57) The place we must get to, on the inside, if we’re to face the fear of healing.

(24:57) Why healing isn’t for the faint-hearted.

(32:20) What are “being needs” and “having needs”? How can they help us find meaning?

(41:07) What was it like to grow up in an indigenous tradition?