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Crazy Wisdom

Dec 12, 2022

Kenny Rowe is the founder of the Dalten Collective (~sicdev-pilnup), in a previous life he was on the founding team of MakerDAO

  1. What is the dalten collective?
    1. Collectively own an urbit start together
  2. What is a node?
  3. What is peer discovery?
  4. What is governance when it comes to Urbit?
  5. What can you do with a star on Urbit?
  6. What is the relationship between Urbit and DAOs?
  7. How do groups do sense-making? What is better for sense-making: an individual or the collective?
  8. What are the three values for the dalten collective?
  9. How many people are in the dalten collective?
  10. What is Qurtus when it comes to the dalten collective?
  11. What are the differences between software development in Urbit vs the rest of the ecosystem?
    1. Dev ops is easier
    2. There is a learning curve
    3. Runes and ASQII characters are important
  12. What is the importance of communication for project management?
  13. When do we get to the magical point of really easy software development?
  14. What does it mean to be a functional programming language?
  15. What is the highest scale has Urbit got to?
    1. Ubit network explorer
    2. Low 10,0000s
  16. What is the thing about exponentials?
  17. Does anyone at the FED have any idea of what MakerDAO is?
  18. What is the relationship between finance and actualization?
  19. Is MakerDAO a eurodollar system?
  20. Is Urbit out of the womb yet?
  21. What was your first memory of discovering the internet?
  22. What is the difference between a functional and performative server?
  23. What was the history of computing in the 40s?
  24. What is computation?
  25. How do you bootstrap a personal server?
    1. What do you learn by building a personal server that gives you an idea of what you can do?
  26. Are we already in the feudal system when it comes to Facebook owning all our individual data?
  27. How do identity politics make the world really clear?
  28. What are the tools you need for sense-making?
  29. Why do bitcoin maxis immediately think that Urbit is a blockchain when you try to bring it up?
  30. How do smart contracts fit into urbit? What is the synthesis between smart contracts and urbit?
  31. Where does sense-making within small groups fit into the patchwork age (PaulPublisher on Twitter)?
  32. Where do loners fit into sense-making?
  33. What is the relationship between the internet archives and urbit?
  34. How does urbit prevent shadow updates from centralized media?
  35. Will urbit absorb the legacy internet?
  36. What does it mean to have a digital CPU?
  37. What do you think happens to Amazon cloud in the urbit land?
  38. Cable television is a good idea of decentralization
  39. How does Moore’s law extrapolate into other areas outside of transistors?
  40. What is a functional definition of computation?
  41. Why did computers take over the world in 1940s?
  42. What is the relationship between computers and war?
  43. What is a babbage machine?
  44. Why is 0 and 1 is the easiest way to do computation?