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Crazy Wisdom

May 2, 2022

Christian Langalis is the co-founder and C.E.O. of Tirell Corporation

What is Orbis Tertiary?

What is the Orbis Ledger?

Are there any cyberpunk references for Urbit business?

What is the distinction of cyber-punk? Dystopia.

What is cypher-punk?

Who are Timothy May and Satoshi Nakamoto

What is the overreach of instrumentalization?

What is the atomization of the social?

How did computers atomize humans even further?

In what ways has studying culture informed your world view?

What is the ultimate holy grail for Tirrell?

What is an interregnum?

What is the role of Urbit in the Web 3.0 ecosystem?

How do you maintain legacy systems on an entirely new system that is censorless?

What is a Spot ETF and why is it important?

What is Bitcoin’s fifth pillar? (15 minutes)

What is a cantalon insider?

What is the New World Order that George H. W. Bush setup and how does it work now?

What is the Minsky Moment?

What is the Austrian tendency when it comes to economics?

Who are Larry White and George Selgen?

What is synthetic commodity money?

What is the New Wyoming Bank Charter? 

What are Full-Reserve Cryptocurrency Banks?

What is the difference between a bank and a bitcoin wallet?

What are interbank clearing systems?

What is the difference between a deferred system and a credit card settlement?

What is unchained capital multisig?

What is an FBO?

What are extant regulations?

What is the Nick Land quote (“in the mouth of madness”) (25 minutes)?

How did science fiction inform your life?

Who is Phil Monk?

Urbit strives to have a system that is human scale, that will never require the long-term intervention of a specialized third party.

Why do people call Curtis Yarvin an authoritarian?

What is peer discovery?

What is the contained podcast and who is Barret (36 minutes)? 

What are your favorite exclaves?

How do I use Tirrell?

Download the thing (find the thing).

What is landscape (groups) programming language?

What is the future of NFTs when it comes to fan groups?

NFT’s can be digital cellophane wrappers for an album.

How many people are in the Tirell corporation?

What should someone know about the Urbit foundation?

What is Hoon School?

Do you have any insight into the people aspect of doing business?

How is Tirell corporation set up?

What church do you belong to (55 minutes)?

What is the correct view of Urbit? 

What is the Jungen?

What is Cottage Core?

What is the relationship between Solipsism and being a Luddite? 

Who is Junger?

What is the naming scheme?



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