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Crazy Wisdom

Apr 25, 2023

Matt Bunday works in crypto. He loves to rock climb, martial arts, and think about underground psychedelic therapy


  1. What is the biggest problem you’ve faced with knowledge management at your companies?

    1. Slack 

    2. Dropped balls in communication

    3. LLMs might be the response

  2. Why do you think slack spread so fast even though its not the best product?

    1. It was a step up from email

    2. IRC was a component

    3. More friendly for non-engineering

  3. What do you think about the complexity of slack?

    1. Twist is an alternative

  4. Why is information architecture such a challenge?

  5. How do LLMs fit into this?

  6. What would happen if slack created a LLM or plugged one in?

    1. Slack workspace plug in

  7. What is a retrieval plug in?

    1. Universal adapter for any type of data

  8. Who are the incumbents in the slack knowledge management space?

    1. Guru startup

  9. What is the difference between information management and knowledge management?

    1. Knowledge management is a higher level synthesis

    2. Information management is siloing related types of information

      1. Data types 

      2. Group related to information around people

  10. What are your thoughts on the membrane?

    1. Siloes

    2. Privacy is where LLMs can be very innovative

    3. If we were to share a LLM

    4. We can both specify a privacy policy to the LLM and it will follow it

    5. LLMs can intuit the privacy public distinction

  11. Are you using LLMs to code for you?

    1. Copilot

      1. Issues with difficulty to prompt it correctly

      2. You had to write comments to prompt it

      3. Inline suggestions were not good

      4. Is it better now?

        1. Haven’t noticed a dramatic improvement

      5. Hard to prompt it to code in certain styles now

    2. GPT 4 is way better for a starting off point for projects

      1. Helpful for conversion processes

  12. What are the things that GPT4 has not been helpful for you?

    1. You have to chunk it

  13. What about building systems with GPT4?

  14. Code completion cool called tap9

    1. Train the model against your local code

  15. What are some other things about KM that we can use tools for?

    1. Shared LLM for the family

    2. Surface serendipity between users

    3. If facebook were to do this

      1. One person says they are selling a couch

      2. One person is buying one

      3. LLM connects them

  16. At what point do we merge with the machines?

    1. Sufficiently high bandwidth

    2. Translation

  17. Are we already cyborgs?

    1. It began with wearing shoes

    2. Horselike

  18. Where do you fit in the excitement vs fear when it comes to AI?

  19. What parts of knowledge work will get automated?

  20. What are we losing?

  21. What is your take on bodywork?

    1. 10% investment

    2. Martial arts practices, he gets beat up 

    3. Ninjiutsu

      1. Special forces for ninjas

    4. Healing and striking points on the body are the same

    5. Balance between healing/killing, if you know how to heal

    6. Unbroken transmission since 1400

    7. What is the importance 

  22. What is your take on yoga?

    1. Seven chakra system was created by theosophist

    2. Color, what deities you install

    3. Psychosomatic download systems 

  23. What is your take on Japan?

    1. The meiji restorationo

    2. Controversy over this and how they lost the transmission

    3. Judo was modernized and is a sport

    4. Tradition was changed

    5. Armed combat

  24. What is the transition we are going through?

  25. What does the japanese tradition say about it?

    1. Character of Ryu; the stream

    2. Tradition is flowing through obstacles

    3. Japanese traditions need to adapt

    4. What happened when the firearm was brought to Japan?

  26. What about Japan led them to keep the strong membrane that lets in the western tools but doesn’t let the westerners in culturally?

    1. Japan has a deliberate 

  27. What is your take on psychedelics and wisdom transmission?

    1. Ayahuasca has changed a lot

    2. Aya was used by the healer to heal people, not the person getting healed

    3. Definitely the most impactful

    4. 5 sits in peru all in a row

  28. What is your take on LSD?

  29. What is your take on Pscyolicibin?

  30. What is your thought on Iboga?

  31. What is your take on Kambo?

  32. Western-educated buddhas

  33. What do you want in a tradition?

  34. How we humans integrate Machine Learning into a humanistic society?

  35. What is the meaning crisis that AI will take from people because of the job loss?

  36. What is social technology and how does that fit in with meaning and communities?

  37. LLMs as polytheism

    1. Goddes called Athena

  38. GPT4 to build a slackbot

    1. Read messages

    2. Layer in retrieval using embeddings to go the database

    3. Google 

  39. How do you think LLMs will affect crypto?

    1. Crypto AI companies feel far fetched

    2. GPU clusters at home, training decentralized

    3. Super computer clusters have massively high bandwidth connections between the GPU units

    4. Crypto is orthogonal cultural 

  40. Take GPT4 and cheaply retrain another model, getting tutors to train the model

  41. In OpenAI’s research paper, jobs affected LLMs, blockchain engineers are susceptible

  42. All smart contract code is solidity

  43. Apple is building AI chips already and putting them into the phones 

    1. Chatting with GPT 

  44. What about apple vs openAI?