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Crazy Wisdom

May 30, 2022

Galen Wolfe-Pauly

CEO of Tlon


Why do I need a personal server?

Why is it that we all have access to centralized servers?


Why does all our data need to be in the same place?

What is the issue of large scale? How do we consume information?

How can I control my software?

How do you use a computer as a vehicle for everyday creativity?

How should I build my jungle gym?

Pitch my new massage table idea.

How do you manage writing for your role as CEO?

Does Hoon help you in the way it's written?

When will Tlon build a new Google Suite?

How will writing lead into computer development?

How do you deal with unproductive stress?

What is landscape?

How do you boot an urbit node?


2021: Work on the infrastructure so that other people can ship apps

2022: Take landscape and split them into other applications

Digital Basics OS

Simple suite of tools, solo for your own note taking.

What will be the business-to-business landscape for Urbit?

Real estate investment trust.

Landscape as an OS in more high-level stuff.

What is an OS?

All the stuff, UI Chrome, developer frameworks for building an application.

How do you make a toolkit really good?

Urbit becomes.

What is the problem with Google Docs?

How do you visualize your personal data?

What are the incentives to hoard other’s data?

Sell it to advertisers.

How do you build the social media layer on top of the internet?

What does the internet look like after Urbit?

Do we now have teleportation of the mind?

What do you think about ancient Athens and the thing that happened to them as a connected place?

How do you think advertising will work within Urbit?

What is the technological problem that Urbit solved?

How do you know when things turn mildly creepy?

Older than blockchain.

Who were the early creators of distributed systems?

Tell me more about cypherpunk.

What are distributed systems?

500 CS graduates in the late 60s. Electrical engineering programs (25 minutes)

Area of CS research: A program that runs on a bunch of nodes, which needs them to share data and compute together.

How did you find your investors?

What does Urbit mean in regards to the future of distributed systems?

Where does Gitlab fit into Urbit?

Its an F-U to the networked computing industry.

What is the industrial software complex?

What are the things that are served by a personal virtual machine?

What have you learned about the Self and self-identity from creating things on Urbit?

What are the upfront costs of learning Hoon?

In the early PCs the chip-set matters a lot. Chips run the code through the system. 

Portability in software.

Why does ETH create a virtual machine? Why does it need one?

A system as of a bunch of nodes.

What do you think of Chia?

How do physics flow into computing and new technologies?

What is the one definition of computing?

Whatever comes next.

What is the relationship between Lightning and Urbit?

What is an arbitrary contract?

What is LUNA (45 minutes)?

How do you tell when something isn’t hyped?

In what ways was OHM like LUNA?

What has woodworking taught you?

What is materially useful here?

How can you get a categorical win?

How should I scope the project?

What is the most important thing about building what you are going to build?

What are the material constraints of the product you want to build?

How will that work with the new technologies coming out of the pipeline?

How do you work with people?

Look at interviews with the people who wrote cyberpunk.

What game?

What is Zaibatsu?

What is monolithic about the personal computer?

What is dynamic land?

Ubiquitous computing paper from the late 80s?

What is outdoor computing?