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Crazy Wisdom

Apr 19, 2021

Courtney is passionate about helping children with cancer and in this episode, we discuss the shortcomings of the medical industry, their misinformed directives, their indirect undermining of human endurance and adaptability, living off the grid, achieving independence from the system, and much more. Enjoy

2:07 The patient advocate: how Courtney helps children who have cancer and their families.

6:31 Why do kids get cancer? Do you know that in adults 90% of cancers have environmental causes?

8:45 How the medical industry, in its current form, prevents people from understanding how durable and capable their bodies are

11:44 How current medical protocol prevents doctors from paying deep attention to patients’ needs.

16:55 What does it mean to be “sensitive”? Does the word have multiple interpretations?

21:00 How do we “tear down” the “system”?

24:38 The largest political ingroup in the U.S is not who you think it is.

29:19 A big thing you can do to reduce your dependence on, and participation in, the system.

31:19 Is it possible to be in a codependent relationship with flowers and plants?

34:30 For quality planting tips revisit my episode with

35:32 How important is it to make money doing the things you love? Is it always doable?

39:49 Does free will exist? Do you really have agency over your choices?

45:52 The neuroscience of internal resistance

49:40 Tools for dealing with fear