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Crazy Wisdom

Aug 29, 2022


Director of developer experience at the Urbit Foundation

~lagrev-nocfep on Urbit

@sigilante on twitter


  1. What is a sigil?
  2. What is the most important thing you’ve learned about teaching?
    1. Driven by authoritarian high modernism
    2. Top down imposition
    3. Structural way of understanding context
    4. Industrial revolution
    5. Ten years ago there was online education
    6. MIT open course where
    7. Open up the content to everyone and it will create revolution
    1. Introducing a model that the person gets illuminated from
    2. Humans are good at metaphors
    3. Give them a framework and people will figure it out
    1. These things are measurable
    1. Open problem in computer science
    2. Two classes of complexity
    3. Polynomial time
    4. Vastly exponentially complicated than things that can be solved in a certain time
    5. NP on the hard problems
    1. Has to do with the structure of our attention
    1. 9 years experience
    2. Philosophy of pedagogy
    3. Why doesn’t it make it easy to open up knowledge?
    4. How do you make something relevant?
    5. Strongly in favor of hyper individualist approach to teaching
    6. Interdisciplinary
    7. Try everything, some things stick
    8. Analogical reasoning
    9. How do you improvise for metaphors?
    10. Why is it so disincentivized to do improv?
    11. Input output model doesn’t quite work because the context is so vast
    12. The model of the areas of learning is helpful but not 100% accurate
    13. Tutorial method does not scale but its the most effective
    14. Really hard problem
    15. P=NP what is it?
    16. When I’m working on a particular mode, gumption traps, energy sinks, takes a lot of agency to activate yourself out of the state
    17. Rumsfeld called the unknown unknowns
    18. What questions do you have? Is a better question than What are your questions?
    19. What do you do when you need to solve a problem?
    20. Someone tried to build a solution for what Neal is talking about at 10 minutes in
    21. Go to the fringes to get the edge cases
    22. What is the advantage of a low status source?
  3. How do you make your questions and answers legible?
  4. Subtopics and how to use them?
  5. What is the demand for previous for previous programmers learning Urbit?
  6. What is the percentage of programmers who are learning Urbit?
  7. What was the first iteration of home school?
    1. Dozen people finished
    2. Now they have 60 people finishing
  8. Why does Urbit have a weird perception from people?
    1. Once you hear about it you go into the rabbit hole and it never stops
    2. Its a web within a web
    3. Its like a secret door in a house didn’t you know about it
  9. Pitch the idea of the treasure hunt powered by Urbit
  10. Why did stars survive in demand?
    1. How much did they survive?
    2. How much does it cost to buy a star now versus the 2022 downturn in crypto
  11. How do you get the right answer as opposed to the fast answer?
  12. Only developers who are autodidactic like and stay with Urbit
  13. Who is Richard Stallman?
    1. LISP
    2. He built community around GANU, Linux?
    3. Invented the free software 
  14. What is functional programming?
  15. What is the relationship between mental divergence and programming?
  16. What is the third type of developers in relation to something like Urbit?
    1. The arguers
  17. What is the fourth type of developers in relation to something like Urbit?
    1. Rebellious and devious enough 
  18. What is the relationship between Bitcoin and Urbit?
  19. What are the main challenges you see in terms of my crazy idea for the treasure hunt?
  20. What are the options to build this quickly?
    1. This is the main problem
    1. Is it a web page driven experience?
    2. Build an urbit app and get them to install it
    3. You would have to figure out how to do the call outs to the phone device
    4. Hot or cold game
    5. Only track wether they found it or not
  21. How can we effectively expose underlying things to the urbit server?
  22. 24 minutes in
  23. Should we think about Urbit as a operating system?
  24. Who is experimenting with Urbit moons as internet of things?
  25. Urbit app that plays a tone with your wifi strength
  26. How can I think about building the prototype in the real web, so that I can destroy it and rebuild with urbit?
    1. Urbit is the database and the identity
    2. Riding back whatever you need as permanent state 
  27. July and August there will be an urbit hackathon
    1. Online
    1. What are the dates?
    2. Hooner, front end dev, and domain expert
    3. What is a team?
    4. Where is it?
    5. Assembly conference in Miami at the end of September
  28. Why do people care about Urbit?
  29. Stewart Christoff
  30. What do you think of the complex about trying to create things that you dont want to get paid for?
    1. What is Immun
    2. Async paid money
  31. What are your thoughts on ADA (Cardano)?
  32. Does do the micropayments?
    1. bounties, apprecintinceships and proposals
    2. Get stars
  33. Why did stars go up when the rest of the crypto market went down?
  34. How can I as someone non technical help with the development on Urbit?
    1. Noah Kumin
    2. At marsreview on twitter (didn’t work, find it again)
    3. Launch party in NYC
    1. Ongoing bounties
    2. Mars review of books, launched with the combine, an urbit foundation
    3. Who at the mars review of books?
  35. Who is Jonathan Blow?
  36. Who are the original founders of the web and why didn’t they get paid?
  37. What should we know about institutional capture?
  38. Why do you disagree with me about the inevitably of institutional capture?
    1. People who look at the project and see the knock kernel cooling
    2. More chaotic to less chaotic
    3. Perceive a teleoligical purpose
    4. We are going to win because we 
    5. Its a happy accident
    6. If we don’t kick in and make it happen
  39. What did Aristotle say about the Good?
    1. You have to drop everything
  40. What are your thoughts about the open future?
  41. What is the macrocosmic conceptual of the rant stewart went on at 45 minutes in?
    1. Hellbaked
    1. You can never have high value?
    1. This selects very hard for survival
    2. No balance
    3. Everything that has value has been built in hell
    1. Why do things suck?
    2. Essay by Nick Land
    3. The assertion that everything with value is built in Hell
    4. How do you cull low value?
    5. Why does evil exist?
    6. What is the hard darwinian view?
    7. How to you square the harmonious idea of aesthetically and ethicall appealing to us versus the violent nature?
    8. Part of the answer is that there are always components of existence
    9. Manifest physical reality, creation
    10. What is a world soul?
    11. This means that the only way for intelligence or spirits to enter into higher states is by facing full oppositional world
    12. Its not going to get easier, its always going to be a struggle, its a whitepill, build something that survives
  42. How do you build exit based on natural principles?
    1. If you see a ferret, you know that a rabbit exists
  43. If you see a flower, you know there is something like a sun
  44. How do you steer human moths away from the web 2.0 world and attract them to a new way of reclaiming attention?
  45. The revolution will not be AB tested
  46. Why is modernity difficult on spiritual deviants?
  47. Why was it ok to be Wierder in the 90s?
    1. This explains gen X
  48. Is the employer and employee relationship something we should perpetuate into the open future?
    1. How do DAOS fit into this?
  49. When was the joint stock firm invested?
  50. When was the Bar invented?