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Crazy Wisdom

Apr 28, 2021

Nikhil Verma is a medical doctor who specializes in treating and managing spinal health, mobility, chronic pain, and athletic health among others. In this episode, we discuss chronic pain, the various ways chronic pain is managed, transhumanism, muscular tension, and the possible future interventions in managing chronic pain. You can find Nikhil Verma on Twitter at VermaN21 and on Instagram at dr.nvsportandspine. Enjoy!

(5:44) What is a notochord?

(10:18) What portion of pain is subjective and what portion is objective? How much do we know about each of these components? Nociceptive vs Neuropathic pain.

(14:40) What do we know about the memory component of subjective and chronic pain? And why is it so misunderstood?

(18:02) Why opioids are terrible widespread methods for treating chronic pain.

(19:54) How can we get better in touch with our endogenous opioids?

(24:50) Is there such a thing as too much mobility?

(26:44) Is there evidence that weightlifting helps manage chronic pain?

(29:56) How does the brain create a unitary picture of experience?

(33:10) Transhumanism, the ways people apply it to managing chronic back pain, and the problems with it.

(41:45) Is there a relationship between muscular tension and chronic pain? Why are float tanks so effective?

(48:55) What is the potential of stem cell regeneration for chronic pain? Do psychedelics or ketamines play any role in the future of treating chronic pain?

(55:53) Will exoskeletons ever become mainstream? Are there any disadvantages to this?