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Crazy Wisdom

Jun 20, 2022

Peter McEvoy

Run Time Engineer at Tlon

  1. Will Urbit replace Linux?
    1. Urbit is so big and ambitious
    2. Urbit as an overlay operating system
    3. On top of an existing operating system e.g: Mac OS, Windows
  2. How far are we from hardware-enabled Urbit?
  3. How long will it take for Urbit to go big, like really big?
  4. How many developers are working on Urbit right now?
    1. 15 engineers at Tlon
    2. Tlon is the corporate lynchpin for the effort
    3. How many companies are building on Urbit?
  5. Who runs the Urbit non-profit?
  6. How does someone get a grant from the Urbit non-profit?
  7. How do the non-profits work when it comes to supporting open source projects?
    1. It's like an ISP non-profit
  8. What is Urbit?
    1. Human interaction to an online setting
    2. Like Stumble Upon
    3. Synchronicity and Exploration, Serendipity
  9. Google is detrimental because you get exactly what you want from it
    1. Stewart realizes how addicted he is to immediate gratification
  10. Will people build things on Urbit that will lead to immediate gratification?
  11. Will Google become obsolete? How will they adapt?
  12. What does it feel like now 3 years after giving up all social media except Linkedin?
  13. Will Iboga work for internet addiction (we didn’t speak about it)?
  14. As an engineer do you sometimes feel like God or a God?
  15. Have you been to China?
  16. Would you use something like Duolingo for learning languages?
  17. Can you give me insight into building a new spaced repetition software on Urbit?
  18. What is a hard break in history (19 minutes)?
  19. Does someone in China own a galaxy? Or a star?
  20. What is the deal with the Urbit ID?
  21. What was your graduate degree in?
  22. How far are we away from me being able to write prose?
  23. What are the two languages for urbit?
    1. Hoon
    2. Knock
  24. What are virtual machines? How do they work?
  25. How long did it take you to get proficient in Knock and Hoon?
  26. What is the Urbit Kernel?
    1. Arvo
  27. Why is functional programming such an aspect of Urbit?
  28. Who are the functional programming experts at Tlon or the other companies developing on Urbit?
  29. For a newbie at programming, would it be better to learn functional programming?
  30. Cal Newport Deepwork
  31. How do I design my day to day living so that it brings me joy and don't do things that I don’t want to do?
  32. How can we learn how we are being surveilled?
  33. What did Alan Watts teach you about Zen?
  34. A supposedly fun thing I will never do again
    1. A book by david foster wallace
  35. Do luxury cruise ships still work?
  36. What is search? Why is it different from discovery?




  1. for learning pronunciation
  2. Show notes
    1. Peter’s linkedin:
    2. Peter’s email:
    3. Peters @p (Urbit ID): ~fanfun-mocbud