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Crazy Wisdom

Jan 28, 2019

Just did an interview with the CEO of Gitlab, Sid Sibrandij.

Gitlab is a multibillion dollar company that helps developers become more efficient with less stress.

One of the most interesting values they have is that they are totally transparent. They post lots of their meetings and code reviews to youtube so that...

Would you live forever if you could?

Jan 21, 2019

Today I interviewed Serge Faguet who is a successful serial entrepreneur and also a biohacker who believes he will live for a very long time thanks to his ability to acquire the best medical care money can afford. 

We talk stress, creativity and aging.

Jan 7, 2019

Taylor Jacobson is the CEO of Focusmate an amazing product that pairs you with a virtual coworking buddy. Both you and your coworker keep each other accountable for an hour while you pound through tasks. I reached out to Taylor because I'm a user of the product and wanted to hear his thoughts on the connection...