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Crazy Wisdom

Oct 30, 2019

We try to get at this question:

How can we incentivize the truth? Is this possible?

We also talk about the rise of the personal computing industry and Robin's role in that. 

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Oct 28, 2019

More question that we talk about:

What happens when you build a product with an expectation of what will happen and then something entirely different happens?

Is San Francisco losing its soul? Is its soul becoming distributed?

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Dhru shares...

Oct 25, 2019

We cover these questions:

What is the difference between a pitch and telling a story?

How do you confidently broadcast your values while remaining curious and open-minded?

What is the current state of technology production in the greater midwest?

How important is it for founders to build real relationships with...

Oct 21, 2019

We talk about Stephen's long history in computation and the really big questions that we need to answer as a civilization to come into a more harmonious balance with the machines we are creating.

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We discuss...

Oct 18, 2019

We talk about the future of work, the joy of dancing and how to think about living a healthy life while also building a company.

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