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Crazy Wisdom

Aug 28, 2023

Show Notes for Crazy Wisdom Podcast Episode with Subutai Ahmad


The episode features Subutai Ahmad, the CEO of Numenta and a pioneering figure in both neuroscience and artificial intelligence (AI). The discussion navigates the complex relationship between the human brain's architecture and contemporary AI...

Aug 25, 2023

Introduction: Mikkel Steen, CEO of Everest (reach out directly:, discusses the modern business environment and how his company Everest fits within it.

Changing Work Environment:

  • Remote and Asynchronous Work: Mikkel observes shifts towards more remote and asynchronous work and the need...

Aug 22, 2023

Show Notes: Crazy Wisdom Podcast with Ben Borowski, Notion Ambassador


  • Guest: Ben Borowski, Notion Ambassador, and creator of the Notion Mastery Program.

Notion Mastery Program

  • Training & Development

    • Trained over 2000 students, focusing on various elements of Notion.
    • Three tiers of...

Aug 14, 2023


  • Guest: Ivan Montoya, a LatAm Super Angel & VC. Follow him out on LinkedIN
  • Focus areas: #fintech, #proptech, #logistics, #latinamerica, and #latamstartups.


Insights into the Startup Ecosystem

  • In Latin America, traditional methods still have a place, and macro-level influences are impactful, but the atomic...

Aug 7, 2023


  • Guest: Malcolm J. Collins
    • Various professional roles including VC, PE, CEO, 5x Bestselling Author, a Wall Street Journal #1 Best Selling Author, and Educator.
    • Check out his and Simone's podcast BasedCamp

Main Topics:

  1. Elite Couples and Breeding Philosophy

    • Malcolm and Simone referenced as an elite...