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Crazy Wisdom

Aug 29, 2022


Director of developer experience at the Urbit Foundation

~lagrev-nocfep on Urbit

@sigilante on twitter


  1. What is a sigil?
  2. What is the most important thing you’ve learned about teaching?
    1. Driven by authoritarian high modernism
    2. Top down imposition
    3. Structural way of understanding context
    4. Industrial revolution
    5. Ten...

Aug 15, 2022

Bill Lawrence from ReStore


What did Zaire used to be called?

What is River Blindness?

What is less effective than DDT?

Why would you dissect a fly?

How do you dissect a fly?

Why will we mine our own garbage?

What items require special recycling?

What is a “transfer station”?

What is “planned obsolescence”?


Aug 8, 2022

Dashiell Bark Huss

CEO, Wish Tender

  1. What is Wish Tender?
    1. Gifts from fans
    2. Gift registries
    3. It's a privacy company
  2. How do adult film stars know how to create boundaries?
  3. Is it hard for adult film stars to create boundaries?
  4. What is financial domination?
    1. A sub who likes to be submissive when it comes to money
  5. 90-Day...

Aug 1, 2022

An experiment I'm running to live tweet my interviews in the forms of questions: The first try is with ~timluc-miptev on Urbit He is constructing and coordinating a DAO that will be a Layer 1 that will start as a ZK roll-up in the Urbit ecosystem.
What is...