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Crazy Wisdom

Aug 8, 2022

Dashiell Bark Huss

CEO, Wish Tender

  1. What is Wish Tender?
    1. Gifts from fans
    2. Gift registries
    3. It's a privacy company
  2. How do adult film stars know how to create boundaries?
  3. Is it hard for adult film stars to create boundaries?
  4. What is financial domination?
    1. A sub who likes to be submissive when it comes to money
  5. 90-Day Fiancee
  6. If someone comes to you and offers you gifts, what do you do?
  7. Why are you nervous about outsourcing?
  8. What is it like to do business with your life partner?
  9. Is Wish Tender a “no-code business”?
  10. Why is New Mexico a great place to do vanlife?
  11. Meow Wolf is Pee Wee’s Playhouse on acid
  12. What do you know about Urbit so far?
  13. What is the deal with Linkedin’s search?
  14. What do we know about lucid dreaming
    1. What do we not know about lucid dreaming?
    2. We don’t know any biomarkers during lucid dreaming
    3. Why don’t we know what is physically happening in lucid dreaming?
  15. What do the electrodes measure?
    1. EMG muscle tone
    2. EOG electric ocular graphing 
    3. EEG electroenchephalograph
      1. Alpha
      2. Beta
      3. Gamma
      4. Theta
  16. Lucid Dreaming lab at NorthWestern
    1. Send them an eye signal through the dream
  17. REM you can detect
  18. What about your 100 days of discomfort like?
    1. Vanlife (37 minutes in)
  19. Why does Stewart have a fear of wearing silly stuff?
  20. What was it like asking people to play Rock Paper Scissors?
  21. What is the feeling like of having someone confront strangers?
  22. What types of attention are fun to get?
  23. What is the difference between political swag and political garb?
  24. What happens when you wear both a Trump shirt and a Bernie shirt?
  25. What happens when you wear a Trump shirt at a college campus? (40 minutes in)
  26. What are some other things that will get you stereotyped that aren’t political?
  27. Why do both Dashielle and Stewart have so many idiosyncrasies when other people?
  28. What is relationship between stoicism and sex and/or sex word?
  29. Can you be both a sex worker and a stoic at the same time?
  30. What is it like to be a contrarian?
  31. What is the relationship between crying and stoicism?
  32. What are crocodile tears?
  33. How do you fire people?
  34. What are the differences between sympathy and empathy?
  35. What is metacognition?
    1. What does it improve in relation to lucid dreaming?
    2. What is the inner monologue’s connection to lucid dreaming?
  36. What does it take to be a good lucid dreamer?
  37. Why do people disagree about what just happened?
  38. What is a reality check?
    1. Awake
  39. What do you think of the deep sleep state?
  40. What are the stages related to deep sleep?
    1. Step 1
    2. Step 2
    3. Step 3
  41. What is the difference between REM and deep sleep?
  42. What is the relationship between cannabis and lucid dreaming?
  43. Should I do an OnlyFans account?
  44. How do you get a lot of attention for a good cause?
  45. How can I get arrested for something silly?
  46. How do you find an old law to test?
  47. How do I create a mugshot for myself?
  48. What is the difference between satirical news and fake news?
  49. How can I get more magical realism in my life?
  50. Read the book from Gabriel Garcia Marquez?

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