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Crazy Wisdom

May 8, 2018

Bill Tai is a very successful entrepreneur and investor. Not only is he successful according to

external validators of success, but he is also humble and shares his knowledge and brilliance

without expectation of reciprocation. It is a rare gift to be both successful and humble, and

our conversation contains actionable wisdom to do this.

Even though my podcast is primarily about meditation and its effect on creativity, we veered

into talking about the history of work and how technology is contributing to a lot of change. A

fundamental component of mindfulness training is the realization that everything is

impermanent and change is the only constant. We are entering a period of rapid change. Bill

gives some good insights on how to capitalize on this trend.

I think the most valuable thing I got out of this conversation is that whether rich or poor, you

have to find the thing that lights you up on the inside. For Bill, that activity is kitesurfing. It is

the keystone activity for which the rest of his life is rejuvenated by. Listen to this episode if

you want to find actionable insights into how to find joy in your life.