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Crazy Wisdom

Aug 19, 2019

In today's episode I invite two of my best friends, Eric Levin (@ericrius1) and Eric Fisher, for a laid-back and entertaining conversation. Having previously worked at Facebook, Fisher is currently a character coach and social designer at MiNDFUL iMPROV. Levin is a VR developer who experiments with art, meditation, and yoga in his work.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • VR, AR, and Technology
  • Meditation, and Yoga
  • Creativity and Business
  • Job automation, and AI
  • Skepticism, and Beliefs
  • Freedom in Tech, Science and Truth
  • Globalization
  • The Age of Acceleration
  • Limitations of language
  • Psychedelics, Spirituality and Therapy
  • Consciousness, Awareness and Attention
  • Being vs. Becoming, and Flow
  • Socialization and Improv
  • Society and Culture


(02:43) Who is Eric Levin?

(04:17) Keeping Creative integrity in business

(06:58) Job automation, and creativity: will AI replace humanity?

(10:03) Designing digital spaces within a capitalist society

(13:17) Spirituality: Skepticism to Belief

(17:54) Creating Tech that serves Freedom, not Capitalism

(21:29) Are we entering the Age of Acceleration?

(29:05) Can work be a place of therapy?

(33:02) Ayahuasca, and other flow-inducing plants

(38:28) Flow: Being, or Becoming

(42:30) What is Improv: closing thoughts

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