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Crazy Wisdom

Aug 19, 2020

Yoshua and I explore the world of plants (Do you think they’re conscious?)

We discuss the wide-ranging influence they have on our lives- from being food sources to medicine to tools for spiritual awakening and, weaving a winding path, we branch into topics like death, awakening, Yoshua’s You Enjoy Life project, what it means to be enlightened, dealing with emotional trauma and a bunch of other random topics because, of course, I don’t believe in themes.

To see more of Yoshua’s content google his project: ‘You Enjoy Life’ (podcast, YouTube channel, and Instagram page) and his book ‘Conversations with Your Best Friend’

(4:52) A brief description of permaculture

(10:17) What dies when we die? Is there something in us that doesn’t die when our connection to our senses go?

(13:13) What is ‘You Enjoy Life?’

(13:54) How Yoshua learned to communicate with plants

(15:55) Learning from ayahuasca and psilocybin; his beliefs about how these plants work, and how they helped his inner work. (Do you know that there’s a religion that integrates ayahuasca and Christianity?)

(25:55) Innocence: why pursuing childhood innocence is the wrong thing to do and what to look for instead.  

(28:10) A common misconception a lot of us have about enlightenment; what waking up to truth is really like; navigating this reality to continual growth and evolution

(34:17) Is ‘science vs religion’ a valid debate?

(36:08) Why depression is the most powerful tool for awakening and how it led to Yoshua’s experience of awakening.

(41:05) Why Yoshua decided to ditch his ADD medication.

(51:20) How we can all learn to be less wasteful without needing to be radical about it.