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Crazy Wisdom

Jul 4, 2022

Stuart Christoph

Director of the Urbit Foundation Grant Program

What is the grant program for Urbit?

Is that for technical people?

2 years from now we will be able to build businesses.

What small businesses have you started?

What are the security problems?

How does Urbit scale?

How much is a Star?

How can I set up a Star?

How do you enable more people to run their small businesses?

What is a system admin? 

Can we get the instructions of how to set up a star for my show notes?

To run a star, you don’t need to know any Hoon?

To do a youtube video while doing a star..

On the deeper technical side, Urbit is not really great at serving large files

Discoverability on Urbit for the Youtube videos.

What are they tracking with the spaghetti URL’s?

UTM parameters

What do they absorb it in?

How badly did GDPR impact small businesses?

What is ownership?

How did value generation change for labor to compute?

What year did labor change to compute?

Late 90’s to early 2000’s

How does the equity ownership framework play into that?

What type of things should someone be aware of when it comes to exchange of equity and relationships?

What are psychopaths doing in terms of Gamestop and Crypto? What is happening behind the scenes?

How do we align will and intent?

How do you know the right person to go to for the reality check?

What is the difference between manipulation and positive influence?

Once you define a computer system it can be gamed.

What are the first principles of building healthy working relationships? How is that different from love relationships?

Are you using smart contracts to hire anonymous employees?

What is the Sword of Damocles?

What is the Hack-A-Thon that you are creating? Unconference in Miami 22nd-25th

This is where they show off stuff

1 a week for new Urbit applications

Books Bounty, Dalton Collective

Hack-A-Thon that culminates at Assembly

Hoon school live has 61 new Hoon developers

How do I find one of the new Hoon developers?

Teams of 2-3 people that cover an array of skill sets for the hackathon

Competent Hoon dev, front end (javascript), and vision/user experience/ideation

How can you build trust and relationships between the users on the Urbit network?

What is TC/IP?

What is an apprenticeship for Urbit development?

How do I find the devs for the Assembly?

Mars Invisible College

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