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Crazy Wisdom

Jun 13, 2022

Michael Hawaii

Founder of Ocean Bit

Are there a lot of Brazilians in Hawaii?

Is Honolulu more beautiful than Rio? How about San Francisco?

What is Ocean Energy Thermal  (O-Tech)?

What type of businesses are high kpax? 

Why aren’t you a fan of the word innovation?

Are you going to build your business remotely?

What is the difference between a moral opinion and data driven opinion?

How are data packets different from digital money?

What was your trip like to Venezuela?(25:00)

What did you learn from your trip to Venezuela?

Who are the Venezuelans to follow about Bitcoin?

What don’t you like about custody?

What are food labs?

How does Hawaii get its energy? Where does it come from?

How long does it take to get ships?

Remembering people comes down to their name and where they come from.

When did King Hamea Hamea conquer? (45:00)

Who is Tim May?

Has the FBI ever turned off a Coinbase account of someone who they didn’t like?

What is Hanai? 

Who is Troy Cross