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Crazy Wisdom

Nov 1, 2022

What is it like to compete against square?
What is it like to charge people to come on a podcast to interview them?
Is podcasting like a press organization?
When did they invent paper?
What is the fundamental process behind decentralization? Is it good nor bad?
Is bitcoin a money revolution or a technological innovation?
What is the thesis, synthesis and anti synthesis cycle?
Is the BTC volatility based on price discovery? 
What was the significance of the luna and celsius collapse?
In 2021, everything in crypto was leveraged against itself. What is the significance of this?
Is Tether actually a truly audited stablecoin?
The non-transparency behind Tether actually saved it
What is the difference between a financial attack and a technology attack in crypto?
What is the relationship between being a savvy technologist and an economic technologist?
Where does regulation come into this?
Can we actually have a decentralized stablecoin?
What is the importance of the fourth turning book?
What is a saeculum?
What is the relationship between chaos now and potential in the future?
What about employment in crypto?
What is the remote work part of the question?
How is Twitter like a feudal lord for the internet?
What is the role of the autist in this great splintering that we are going through?
What layer is Stewart in? An information gold digger
What is the multilayered problem that global mental health represents?
Is Buddhism the first therapy?
Why is the western world so inspired by materiality?
Where does 3D printing fit into decentralization?
What is the relationship between global narratives and being prepared for uncertainty?
Is it the main driver behind the seeking of global narratives?